Doing My True Will

I am the first artist, musical or otherwise to globally stand up in his own name for the human rights of minor-attracted individuals. I have done this through music (The Shiny Trilogy) and continue to do it through writing, podcasts and social media networking. Why does someone do this for a universally hated and reviled minority?

As a student of the esoteric I understand the necessity of following an intuitively discerned life path. There are many different brands of esoterica. There is Wicca (basically witchcraft) and the Western Magical Tradition (Golden Dawn, OTO etc). OTO in particular follows the credo “Do what thou wilt” which means carry out your true will. If you don’t do this your life has no purpose. None.

My life path is characterised by activism and a type which reveals hypocrisy and untruth for the express purpose of freeing individuals and society from restriction on spiritual growth and self expression. This does not mean permitting people to harm others. There will always be a need for law enforcement.

And so it comes down to the fact that I actually have no choice in the matter. I confess I believe in destiny. I don’t have to prove it to anyone other than myself. It will be shown in the coming years that interviews I have done with people far more knowledgeable than me (and in the trenches longer than me) and people touched by my music have contributed massively to the eventual societal acceptance of MAPs.

So mote it be!

The Army of Minors

“Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself… You may give them your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow…”

Kahil Gibran


Youth activism is not a recent phenomenon. Many child activists have literally changed the world including Joan of Arc (16), Hector Pieterson (13), Samantha Smith (13), Iqbal Masih (12) and Greta Thunberg (16). Others such as Anne Frank (15) have left a powerful legacy. Youth has always been involved in activism throughout human history and always will be. Children can self-organise as shown in the example of the 1212 Children’s Crusade to the Holy Land led by Stephen of Cloyes with his 30,000 child followers. The capacity to self organise is also shown in the case of the six Tongan castaways marooned on a remote island for fifteen months and found in 1966 in perfect health with no negative “Lord of the Flies” incidents to report. Children protest for gun control, action on climate change and have railed against and changed child labour laws. They are passionate and single-minded when focused on righting perceived wrongs, just like any activist. However, in our current global society with its Internet driven instant communication and social media dominance youth influence is set to step up to an unprecedented level. This has profound political and cultural implications for the future.


Social media is currently the greatest catalyst for societal change we have ever had and it may well be still in its infancy. Mainstream media is increasingly viewed with distrust as a corporate entity with its own agenda as shown by the recent Covid 19 pandemic situation. One thing we have learned from the virus crisis is that people are still powerfully influenced by authority otherwise 7.8 billion people could not have so easily universally gone into lockdown within two weeks. As global society is now in economic, social and cultural flux and people are anxious about their future they often look to a government authority figure to lead them out of trouble. And people are used to obeying authority. But now that people have a global voice and global audience beyond the mainstream called social media there are new authorities and influencers to obey.


Minor attracted persons in western society have, at least in modern times, been viewed with disdain and outright hatred although as many know this has not always been the case. Pederasty, a sexual and/or emotional relationship between a boy and a male adult, was accepted though not widely practised in ancient Greece, Rome and China. Prior to the implementation of the Statute of Westminster in England in 1275 there apparently was no such thing as an age of consent. The term “teenager” was first seen as a hyphenated word in the Journal of Education in the July 1936 in a review of Adolescence: A Study in the Teen Age. This book was influenced by G Stanley Hall, a psychologist who popularised the term adolescence and the writer of “Adolescence: Its Psychology and Its Relation to Physiology, Anthropology, Sociology, Sex, Crime, Religion, and Education”. “Teenager” came into popular use in 1941 to describe a state between childhood and adulthood and marketers quickly latched onto the term, especially as many teenagers could work and spend. Then as now, teenagers looked to their peers for inspiration with regard to fashion, music, movies and entertainment in general. However, teenagers under 18 and preteens have now largely come to occupy a sexual “no man’s (person’s?) land for 18+ year olds seeking a sexual and/or romantic relationship with them.


Patriarchy’s role in creating a need for feminism as a response to social, economic, religious and political inequality is too well known to elaborate on now. Suffice it to say in simplistic terms that in Western society sexuality is “bad” and violence is “ok”. It is especially bad if an adult is sexually attracted to a minor even though studies exist which show this attraction to be normal (Rind et al to use just one example). As mentioned in previous posts repression of sexuality is the cause of most societal ills. We have seen how the matriarchal society model shows reduced crime, sexual or otherwise and more freedom of sexual expression without stigma. However, minor attraction is not a big consideration but just one small room in the matriarchal mansion. It is only in our own patriarchal dwelling that it looms large as an issue or problem because it is taboo and has been repressed. Patriarchy has gone to appallingly violent lengths to maintain itself and many of its casualties are and have been MAPs. This is a situation which will be fixed by minors themselves as the unstoppable army is on the march.

A battle on two fronts

The battle for acceptance of MAPs is taking place on two fronts on social media and the Internet generally:

1. MAPs against antis – MAPs of all persuasions and allies including activists, academics, artists, writers and researchers on Twitter engaging antis
2. Minor self-expression (including sexual self-expression) on the Internet and social media


The first instance is a true battle. The second is not but is the mechanism which will in tandem with the first bring about mass acceptance of minor attraction. Essentially it is kids doing their own thing before a global audience in a way not possible before. Competition is rife and the number of clicks determines one’s value, especially in the view of one’s peers. And kids enjoy one-upmanship. YouTube is currently the venue par-excellence for children to shine though the situation changes daily with Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and TikTok all contributing to digital self-promotion. The possibility to enjoy, even vicariously, the attention being lavished on your own child is not being lost on many parents who, in a subtle manner reminiscent of the pushy parent syndrome, feature scantily clad images of their kids for the consumer to enjoy. As many of the thumbnail images are sexualised there can be little doubt the parents know what they are doing. Clicks are clicks after all and monetisation is monetisation. Of course it’s not all about sex but getting noticed (going viral) is half the battle. Remember the nobody Rebecca Black who became a somebody with her song Friday? Now it’s TikTok’s Charli D’Amelio.


MAP rights may also be aided through marches in favour of lowering the age of consent (for some MAPs), ensuring reproductive rights, sex-offender registry reform and generally destigmatising paedophilia, Other forms of protest may become important later for some MAPs and allies, even open carry marches for older demonstrators to signal intent and resolve. Parents marching with children and celebrities who are minors would make a powerful statement for MAP acceptance. The first MAP march, however, would probably not be safer for protestors than Greenwich Village’s Stonewall Uprising in 1969 which marked the beginning of the Gay Rights movement in the US.


In spite of the best efforts of white-knighters, religious hypocrites and other moribund patriarchal entities, all Hell-bent on protecting the “innocence” of kids, child sexuality is going viral. The Arts, literature, the movie and music industries, emboldened by the global reach of social media and the Internet in general are producing and pushing material with childhood sexuality themes and the kids themselves are helping. We also cannot ignore the fact that children go into puberty earlier these days. Minors are now declaring their attraction to adults and identifying as AAMs (Adult Attracted Minors). The increasingly old men and women who seem to run the world are being forced to accept a world they cannot relate to and really have no part in anymore. When a UK judge can say the nuclear family is dying out and we should applaud its demise then you know patriarchy is nearly finished. Even the #metoo movement, itself a victim of rad fems (who themselves are victims of patriarchy) will be forced to roll over.


Out of the darkness into the light

From the Dark Web some sexual content is starting to rise up to the Clearnet. This is most noticeable with non-nude sites such as Cutie Garden and Japanese-based Junior Idol which have onion versions of their sites on the DW. Some of the child models from Junior Idol eventually enter the AV (Adult Video) industry. In addition a classy Clearnet analogue of SwissArts non-nude modelling site is found at Oleandra.Pink. There is also an image sharing site at imgsrc.ru. Access to some these sites, even on Clearnet, may not be legal in some countries. The reality is many children (and their parents) are making money on the DW through images and videos of their kids in suggestive poses and even in full sexual activity. To see how this is easily possible it is worthwhile watching (if legal to do so) the excellent Steff Gruber documentary “Passion, Despair” which features SwissArts photographer Daniel Leuenberger.


It may not be too long before hardcore child sex videos and images become commonplace on the Clearnet. Apparently kids 10 and under compete with each other on Omegle and other platforms which allow video link ups with strangers for profit or fun.

The activist – using a sledgehammer to kill a mosquito

Activists often break the law but always push the boundaries to make their point and make a change. The intentional saturation of the “normie” world with sexual images is not as radical an action as some may think. Society has done much of the preparatory work itself by pushing Lolita in our face in the form of Maddie Ziegler in every major Sia hit and has made the job of the activist so much easier. It has given us Toddlers & Tiaras and Brooke Shields in “Pretty Baby”. As for the concept of CP; would there even be a need for CP in a sexually balanced and integrated (i.e. non-patriarchal) society let alone CSA? Matriarchal societies have given us the answer and even if they are small, the largest being the 4 million strong Minangkabau community, they at least give a glimpse of how things could be.


So-called underage sex has never disappeared; neither have slavery and war. Humans have a track record of failure when it comes to controlling primal forces and nature. We should direct and not control. Patriarchy is all about control while matriarchy is about order, inclusion and flow. Block sexuality and you block the river of life.

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